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Meet the global hydration brand: waterdrop – creating sustainable solutions to encourage people across the globe to drink more water. Founded in 2017 in Austria, waterdrop® created the world’s first microdrink, a compact sugar-free cube that dissolves in water, enhancing the flavor with natural fruits, plants and vitamins.
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This section denotes the sustainability efforts that this brand makes, from packaging through to community.
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Sustainability is core to waterdrop®’s mission, each mictrodrink is 98% less plastic compared to traditional bottled drinks—and they collaborate with the international organization Plastic Bank to have plastic bottles collected from the environment. The use of aluminium and PVC are not permitted. Each microdrink packaging is made from an innovative combination of PET and COC films, which provides sufficient protection for each drink as well as being recyclable. waterdrop® represents a big step towards less plastic waste and fewer pollutants within the beverage industry. Due to their small cube shape, each drop is incredibly compact, light and therefore easy to transport. They require far less storage space when being transported and can be shipped in both a practical and environmentally friendly manner. In addition to waterdrop's partnership with Plastic Bank, they are proud to support the following projects: The Glacier Community, with which we are actively reducing CO2 in all aspects of our business for a sustainable future & Your Bottle Is The Message, which aims to significantly reduce plastic bottle consumption.
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