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If you currently have a brand listed on CPGD, you can add details on your sustainability efforts here.
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Please read through the badge descriptions and check the boxes of all those that apply to your brand.
The product itself is either produced from sustainable or recyclable materials, or its actual design and intended use will in itself reduce waste in place of less sustainable single use alternatives.
The packaging that the product comes in has been selected for its reduced environmental impact, minimising the use of virgin materials and plastics, while maintaining a responsible material lifecycle through ease of recycling, or minimising its end of cycle impact through composting or harmless dissolving. No plastic should be present.
The brand partakes in business practices which engage the local community, through input (local labor or production), output (giving to the community and local causes), or both, and as a result produces positive socio-economic outcomes.
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Please provide a short note on any relevant details (under 120 characters) e.g. 100% post consumer waste shipping boxes. Mycelium packing foam etc.
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