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Team Behind CPGD
Andrea Popova
CEO & Head of Product

Andrea loves building product-driven solutions to help companies grow. She is a seasoned growth marketer and Founder with experience leading cross-functional projects at high growth startups (Better.com, Jet.com). She attended the University of Chicago and currently manages all operations of the CPGD business.

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Henry Armistead

Henry is an investor in the CPG space. He is the Co-Founder of Happy Moose and spends his free time helping founders grow their businesses.

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Jan Losert
The Lead Plumber

The guy making sure CPGD is running smoothly and looks like it should be. Keeping the plumbing in place! Jan or Honza as it's more commonly used in Czech language is a Designer & Webflow no-code developer. Always passionate about making sure things on the web are beautiful.

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