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What's a CPG DAO?

Andrea Popova
December 1, 2022

A few months ago I came across gmgn supply co., a group of former execs from the likes of J&J and P&G reimagining what CPG giants like Nestlé or Unilever would look like if they had started as web3 Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

To understand what this means requires a closer look at DAOs as a whole. Put simply, a DAO is just a group of people working towards a goal with no centralized authority. It's community led, totally transparent (everyone knows what everyone is working on or has access to do so), and based on smart contracts.  

So what if big conglomerates like Estée Lauder were community-owned and gave you the opportunity co-build brands, and share in their success?

Enter gmgn supply co. They aim to launch 100+ "community-built" and "community-owned" CPG brands. They partner with founders from emerging brands to create the DAO's products. gmgnDAO launched with "OnChain Chocolate," and I sat down with the group that made it happen: Fatima-Zohra, Found of Zora Chocolate (the chocolate startup behind OnChain Chocolate) and Deb Lutz, one of gmgnDAO's founding members.

Here are the answers to your burning questions:

What drove your interest in the collaboration?


A huge part of our mission at ZORA is to eliminate the middle men within the cocoa and chocolate supply chain, and we are proud to trace our cocoa beans back to the source, forming direct relationships with cocoa farmers and their families.

Our initial attraction to Web3 was building on that, on a consumer level. Emphasizing our value system and achieving full transparency from the hands of the cocoa farmers to the hearts of chocolate lovers. What really excites me about this collaboration with GMGN is their dedication to their community, their responsibility to work with companies that produce quality goods and prioritize their sourcing practices, and their commitment to transparency. We are honored to be part of their mission.

What can people expect to see in the future of blockchain technology and CPG?


What’s so exciting about blockchain technology and its impact on CPG is that it’s one of the few industries where literally every aspect can be improved—from greater supply chain transparency through the use of smart contracts and product traceability, to more authentic marketing, enhanced POS options and better consumer loyalty programs.

Relationships will become more customized and more secure and consumers will feel closer to the brands they love.

What opportunities does GMGN unlock for brands and the CPG industry?


The Web3 space is all about community; it's about working together for our people and our planet. This level of involvement and collaboration can be transformative in the way that brands in the CPG industry grow.

GMGN provides brands like ours with that next level closeness to our consumers and access, that can better shape our development.

How can people participate?

🔺 To apply for the DAO (and enter for a free Genesis Full Pass Mint) submit here. The estimated value of the free membership is >.8 ETH (!!).

You can read more about the DAO structure and future plans here.

The future of CPG and DAOs is very bright, and Deb's words about what lies ahead keeps ringing true..

"We want our gmgnDAO members to own the brands they use every day, to have a say in making and nurturing new brands and to share in the success of these brands. All this will be possible with gmgn!"

👀 Enter to win a spot. 👀

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