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How brands are using BeReal to BeAuthentic

Anna Sullivan
November 29, 2022

BeReal is starting to feel like a buzz word and highly talked about by brands and marketers. BeReal (which was founded by an ex-GoPro employee) is focused on capturing the moment. While the app is still very new and continues to build upon users (however they have 20 million daily users, with 29.5% being US based) it’s hard to see how this may be a tool for brands. It’s definitely not a scalable one at the moment, but I assume with any platform that brand’s jump on early, it will benefit them.

So what brands are actually using BeReal right now?

There are a ton of articles who talk about the large players like American Eagle, Sour Patch Kids, Chipotle, and E.L.F. being on the app, but what makes it hard to find other brands is that you pretty much need to know the handle of the brand as searching is a little difficult (take this as your sign to go and grab a username or several usernames for your brand right now).

So if you are not already following a brand on Instagram or Tiktok, you won’t really know if they are on BeReal as it takes cross promotion to find the brand. Unlike all the other social media channels, search capabilities are limited and other users cannot tag accounts. 

With that said (other than screenshots I have seen online) I was not able to see content from those large brands as BeReal has a limit on follower (it’s speculated to be 500). Which leads brands to think about how they will use that (somewhat small) community to their advantage, create multiple accounts, etc. 

I am currently following a few brands on BeReal I have only seen one of them post, and it was a basic office photo, nothing to call home about.

Basically, as you may already know, BeReal is a hard app to crack for brands (strategy/content wise), is not currently scalable, and hard to see other brand’s content to even see what they are doing. However, I have a few ideas:

  • Promo Codes
  • Chipotle currently does this, but this is easy content to create and cool to see how many people actually use it - it will give people a reason to follow and has a trackable action. 
  • Sharing Exclusive Information
  • This could be sharing a link early to a sale, new product, exclusive content etc.
  • Setting the Scene
  • With brands like Sour Patch kids they could go all out and have a mini set built (think claymation) and when BeReal goes off they set the Sour Patch kids up in the scene in a fun way (like Elf on the Shelf)
  • Takeovers
  • This was popular in the early days of Instagram, either a partner, influencer, even the founder, do a takeover of the account to share content when they are in an interesting place.
  • Product Placement
  • This is an easy one, working with people who are already brand ambassadors using BeReal to try and plug the brand/product in as much content as possible. 
  • Retail
  • This is an interesting one for brands to partner with their retail stores (especially smaller stores) to do easy content like product of the day and do a flash sale or something along those lines.
  • Orders
  • Whenever BeReal goes off whoever placed an order at that time (or closest to that time) will get their order for free, extra discount, or free gift.

So, is your brand ready to BeReal?

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