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How Adam Benedict Became an Iconic Watch Brand

Emmy Oleary
October 4, 2022

Adam Lassner is the founder of Adam Benedict, a watch brand that combines history and tradition with the best of modern technology. And when we say that - it’s no joke. Adam comes from a family of watchmakers, which you can read in this pre-launch New York Times piece - or learn more about by reading below!

1) What inspired you to create Adam Benedict? 

After learning about my family history in the watch and clock industry, I wanted to find a way to continue the history and legacy. In August 2021, I traveled to Geneva where I met my 95-year-old second cousin twice removed. He told me all of these amazing stories about our family history. He was the last person in our family to work in the industry. I’ve always loved watches and when I heard these stories and visited the Swiss town where our family once lived and produced watches, I knew I had to add my chapter to the story.

2) What makes Adam Benedict unique? 

Adam Benedict watches introduce a first-of-its-kind analog watch design that promotes mindful breathing and the present moment. As the seconds hand goes around the dial, Adam Benedict wearers are encouraged to inhale for four seconds and exhale for six seconds, as visually denoted through the markers with alternating colors at a 4:6 ratio. As one breathes at that cadence, one is signaling to their nervous system that it is time to reset and refocus.

3) There are four watches in the Genesis collection, can you tell us about them and what makes each one different?

The four different watches are distinguished in looks because of the colors and dial textures chosen The Genesis 01 and 04 are matte finished dials painted with C3 super luminova — which makes them glow in the dark. The Genesis 02 and 03 are sunray finished dials, which make them reflect the light in stunning ways.

4) Can you tell us about the packaging? 

Our watches are packaged in American-made cedar presentation boxes. We chose to use cedar boxes because of cedar's aromatic qualities as well as our vision of giving our packaging a second life. Too often, especially at our competitive price point, the packaging is an afterthought and made of cardboard. We decided to go a bit further to produce packaging that Adam Benedict owners can gladly reuse after they take out their watch. Lastly, we've partnered with a provider who plants trees for every box we purchase. Our choice of packaging reduces the distance of our supply chain and is providing our clients with the opportunity to reuse their packaging.

5) Did you work with a designer or did you come up w/ everything by yourself? 

I worked with some family and close friends on the design, but most of the Genesis collection design is inspired by a watch from our family’s old brand, the Benedict Park-O-Phon. The Genesis watches incorporate the mirrored hour markers and closer to center than usual minute/second markers that Park-O-Phon model had.

6) Where are your watches manufactured? 

Adam Benedict watches are proudly assembled and warehoused in the United States. With most of the brand's client base living in the U.S., we've opted to source accessories for our watches and packaging in the U.S. where we could. The shorter supply chain from production to our final customers limits our carbon footprint. Most of the components of the watch are produced in Switzerland and integrated factory in Hong Kong — but all of the watches are assembled in the U.S.

7) What did you do to raise awareness for Adam Benedict and secure pre-sales?

I was fortunate to launch the brand with a New York Times article about my family history and this project — that really helped kick start our customer base and waitlist. Word of mouth has been very big for me as well — friends and family love the ideas behind my brand and they have been fantastic ambassadors of the project. Really anyone who has purchased a watch so far is and will be an ambassador of the brand forever.

8) Are you working on another collection? 

Yes! The second collection will have a presale sometime this fall/ winter 2022. The watches will be diving models that incorporate a second breathing cadence into the design. They will also feature Swiss automatic movement instead of the Swiss quartz movements found in the Genesis collection.

9) What advice would you give to any founders launching a consumer brand? 

Take things slowly so you can really think through all the potential customer journeys. Study design thinking and literally plan out every step of the way for how a potential customer interacts with and engages with the brand. I’m still  learning and improving my processes all the time

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