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Creating an influencer brief (with free template)

Anna Sullivan
December 8, 2022

Are you working with influencers or content creators for your brand? Maybe you found the perfect person to work with but now it’s time to fill them in. What are you providing them?

At my agency, we have a pretty serious template that gets shared and reviewed with each person we work with (in addition to a contract we have them sign outlining all of the usage rights, payment details, expectations, total deliverables, etc. 

Before we get into what to provide, let’s back up and go over a few preliminaries…

Influencers vs Content Creators 

  • An influencer is someone who you are not only paying them for the content they can provide you, but their influence/following. Their costs will be significantly higher than a content creator as you are paying for the audience they have built. You want to make sure they don’t work with any competitive brands, they are genuine in their interest in your brand, there is a clear fit of the brand/product with them and their audience/following, and you want to allow them a little more creative freedom (even letting them pitch ideas for this collab). You may be having them post this content on their channels, white labeling for paid ads, posting it on your own social and paid promotions, and website. One thing I HATE to see are influencers who I love their content but a brand collab comes along and that content feels incredibly different/out of place. I am assuming it’s the brand providing too many guidelines and you do NOT want to do that - that is why trust here is so important. 
  • A content creator (or UGC creator) is someone who you are working with solely to help create content for your brand. They should have the skill and a personality that fits your brand (one that your followers can fall in love with/connect with). You may work with them a couple times or an ongoing basis to be the face of your TikTok account. For those you work with consistently, they will feel more like an internal hire than your influencers you work with. For content creators, you should be leading a lot more of the direction for the content they create in terms of what you are looking for, being as specific as possible, so you will get the outcome you want. If you are unsure of what that needs to look like I highly suggest working with a social media strategist for help or finding a content creator who understands strategy and analytics. 

Now, what should I actually provide?

Lucky for you here is a template you can use: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qYKFrrRoLRGWMMi36Mr5xA4SoSTyh_KZQB6vpdek6cA/edit?usp=sharing 

This template has been key for my team to work with influencers and slightly edited for content creators as it makes sense. 

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