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Coach’s TikTok Strategy: What they are doing right and how you can do the same

Anna Sullivan
October 20, 2022

If you are in the internet, you will know the people have agreed that Coach is a relevant brand again. Their latest celebrity campaigns and the new tabby collection really got people talking again, and now you will see Coach all over TikTok - in an unexpected way, through creator accounts dedicated to the brand. 

The first time I came across one of these accounts was a Coach retail employee - Brandon, he came across my #fyp maybe once a week and I thought - wow he loves his job and I assume from his content his store encourages him doing this (which we know is NOT the case for all retail stores having employees use social on the clock). 

Well in the last couple of weeks I have seen these two accounts - Gabby and The Tea Roses

It is important for your brand to show up on TikTok (seriously lost opportunity if you don’t) and more importantly show up in a way that will engage users while giving brand awareness - no matter what account that comes from since video views are much more relevant than followers on this platform. 

After seeing these accounts I realized that this is Coach’s strategy and in my opinion, it’s genius and may be best thing I think a brand can do on TikTok. 

If you’re interested - here is Coach’s brand account on TikTok. As you can see, views aren’t nearly as good as the other user accounts, the content is focused on your standard “luxury” content. When it comes to large companies it can be hard to get approvals on having accounts that aren’t aesthetically pleasing (aka using UGC and more scrappy style content) BUT I assume they have a nice influencer budget and have gotten around this rule that way - again genius! 

Interested in making this happen for your own brand? You never want to blatantly copy a brand and what they are doing, but this strategy/approach is different and I think there is room for all brand’s to take advantage of this “formula”. So, let’s talk about it…

What are they doing?

  • Creating multiple accounts for the brand under an influencer/UGC creator some of which have their own style accounts and also some are Coachretail employees.
  • I assume the 3 accounts I found are not the only accounts. I would assume they have anywhere up to 20 accounts like this.
  • They tapped into people who know the brand best - the people selling each and every day and sharing their stores and knowledge through content as well as style influencers who are mixing their products into everyday posts.
  • I can promise you the style influencers have their own separate account and also mix that content into their normal posts as well - so double promotion/usage of this content.

How much money do you need to do this?

  • TikTok and video creation has scared a lot of brands into thinking they can’t afford it. The reality is your brand can’t afford NOT to be creating this content and having a presence on TikTok.
  • Assuming you have someone to manage this in house (we will talk about that below) we can estimate the following:
  • $150-$5,000 for one video
  • You will want to have a contract for everything you do and be clear on usage intentions, edit rounds, etc.
  • It’s more ideal to work with people on a consistent basis and you will get better pricing the more you do
  • Assuming a monthly contract with a creator may be anywhere from $1,800-$25,000 per month for 10-25 videos.
  • There is a huge range here but honestly any budget can be used to make this successful, don’t be scared by the large numbers here
  • The costs come down to the following:
  • The person - do they already have traction as an influencer or just a normal creator?
  • The package of videos you are asking for
  • Their interest in the brand
  • If they have management or not
  • Usage rights
  • Edit rounds
  • Specific ask/requests for content

How can you manage this kind of program?

  • You will surely need someone in house managing this or an agency to make this happen. That person or agency will need to be in charge of the following:
  • Creating the initial list of people to work with
  • Handling contracts, payments, negotiations, and breifing
  • Analytic reports and influencer updates/maintenance (making sure influencers follow through with the work, answers questions about the brand proving feedback on their content, etc.)
  • Making sure to gain/organize all content for your company to utilize in other ares (like website, paid, email, etc.)
  • Coordinate shipments for new products and updating briefs
  • All of this can take anywhere from 15-30 hours per month
  • You really need to make sure this person/agency understands TikTok, influencer relations, creative best practices, and super organized.

How do you choose creators and brief them?

  • These two items can make or break the entire approach - you have to have your briefs right, trust the process, and work with the best people.
  • You start by curating a list of potential people (if you are like Coach and have retail locations) you can start with that
  • Create a brief on what you are generally looking for to share with them to gain interest
  • Whoever is interested move forward with chatting pricing and then choose what will be best to move forward
  • I would start with an initial 2 month test here (or minimum 30 videos)
  • The more you can share about the brand with the creator the better - think about your brief and how you want to customize for each person making sure it represents the brand well but really showcases their personality and interest (which are what users will fall in love with and stay around to actually watch the video to the end).
  • For the people you work with consistently you may want to meet with them once a month (as a group even) to chat about the content that did well, new ideas, updated on the company/products, etc - you want them to feel like a huge part of the companies marketing efforts and invested in what they are doing.

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